What is this ECON button… and how does it work?

Few people know how the Honda ECON button works and what it actually does. Yet, it is a very interesting way to make one’s driving more eco-responsible, efficient… and economical!

Available on many Honda models such as the Fit, Civic, HR-V, CR-V, Accord and Odyssey, the ECON button is designed to save gas by slightly changing the operation of certain aspects of the vehicle.

When you press the button, the system configures the engine and energy-consuming features to maximize efficiency and reduce fuel consumption. For example, the air conditioner will operate at a slower speed; we know that air conditioning is one of the options that consume the most fuel. The transmission will also be automatically controlled so that the shift points give priority to fuel economy over quick acceleration or performance. All of this leads to both fuel economy and a reduced impact on the environment. The ECON button even has the side effect of educating drivers to greener driving patterns!

To get a better idea of how the Honda ECON button will influence your driving experience, visit us and schedule a test drive!

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