The Many Benefits of Synthetic Oil

All motor oils perform various functions. They reduce friction, increase the tightness of components, remove heat, prevent corrosion and block impurities, to name just a few. But through the many different types of oils available and the various recommendations for oil changes, how to find one’s way? Synthetic oil, in particular, is increasingly dominant in the market. The reasons are varied, the advantages are too:

• It offers a wider temperature range, allowing it to flow at -50 °C, while mineral oil solidifies at -30 °C;

• The same applies to heat: synthetic oil retains its properties up to 370 °C, compared to 245 °C in mineral oil;

• Its fluidity reduces friction, thus protecting the engine at start-up;

• It sticks to metal, providing better heat dissipation and better lubrication;

• Synthetic oil generally protects your engine better.

Finally, although it’s more expensive to buy, Honda synthetic oil provides your vehicle with a great list of appreciable benefits. Also note that, unlike the widespread rumour, you can switch from mineral oil to synthetic one, especially if your engine is relatively new.

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