The ABC of Car Filters

In order for you to get the most out of your vehicle, it must be equipped with several filters, both for the engine oil and for the air breathed by the passengers. For optimum performance, these filters must be inspected and maintained in good condition. Do not hesitate to ask our specialists for advice! Meanwhile, here’s a quick tour of the main points to remember:

Air filter: It ensures a good performance of the engine by filtering the dust obstructing the combustion chambers. Your Honda dealer checks it systematically when changing oil to give you a complete picture of the situation. An indicator on the dashboard is also illuminated in 2006 models and up so that you remember to check it.

Oil filter: Certainly one of the best known—it must be replaced whenever the engine is drained of its oil. An “A” warning light warns you to drain the oil from your vehicle, while “B” indicates that the brakes must also be readjusted. For models dating back to before 2006, it must be changed every 8,000 km.

Cabin filter: Even if it’s a guarantee of comfort and health, not all cars are equipped with it. If your vehicle is equipped with a cabin filter, be aware that a light on the dashboard lights up so you can think of having it checked. Note, however, that this indicator only exists since the 2006 model year.

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