Pre-owned Honda vehicles safe for young drivers

Several Honda models have recently been recognized by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) as part of its list of safer used vehicles for teen drivers. Research conducted by IIHS found that motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death among teenagers. And the type of vehicle driven has a big effect on the degree of risk.

Honda pre-owned vehicles earning this recognition from IIHS:

Under $20,000
Honda Accord (2012 and later)
Honda Accord Coupe (2013-2014)
Honda CR-V (2012 and later)
Honda Element (2007 and later)
Honda Odyssey (2011 and later)

Under $10,000
Honda Pilot (2006 and later)
Honda Odyssey (2005-2010)

The IIHS recommends to avoid high-horsepower models that might encourage teens to speed. The IIHS also notes that small cars don’t offer the best protection in a collision compared with larger vehicles. No sub-compact vehicle is on its list. Small SUVs have been included in the ranking since their weight is similar to the weight of mid-sized vehicles.

To view the complete list of vehicles recognized by the IIHS, click here.

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