Key points before leaving for the holidays

If, like one third of Quebecers, you are on vacation, here are some key points that need to be checked on your vehicle before hitting the road this summer.


The tires

The tire pressure must be checked to be in the scale recommended by the manufacturer. The condition of the tires is also very important. Worn out tires are more susceptible to punctures and to run-off road. This is especially critical if you are carrying a trailer. In addition, tires in good condition allow fuel savings and more efficient braking.

The brakes

Pads and discs are the braking system parts that are most likely to be replaced. It is therefore necessary to check pad thickness, to make sure that calipers are not blocked and to examine the condition of the discs. Your brakes will be safer once cleaned and lubricated!

Motor oil

Oil is vital for your engine. It lubricates, cleans, prevents corrosion, and allows to evacuate the heat due to friction. Over time, the oil deteriorates and no longer performs like it should. Avoid serious engine damage by changing the oil and replacing the filter.


The temperature inside your engine can easily reach 10,000ºF! This heat is for one third converted into engine power, for one third expelled by the exhaust system, and the last third must be carried away from the engine by the cooling system. A good inspection will ensure there’s no rust nor corrosion, and that there’s enough coolant liquid.

The suspension

Its primary role is to keep the wheels on the ground and to control the stability of the vehicle. A well-maintained suspension helps to keep you safe as well as to make your ride more comfortable. After an average of 80,000 km, your vehicle suspension will have undergone more than 65 million movements! It is therefore important to pay attention to signs of wear.

The items listed above should be inspected by an expert, but you can easily check wipers, windshield washer fluid level, headlights and flashers, or the condition of your spare wheel for yourself.

Taking a few extra minutes will give you peace of mind while keeping your vacation budget away from tow truck costs and reparation fees.

The entire Honda de Boucherville team wishes you an amazing summer time!

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