2018 Honda Clarity Plug-In Hybrid: Soon!

As part of Honda’s electrification initiative, the highly innovative 2018 Clarity Plug-In Hybrid will finally be available for sale in Canada by the end of 2017!

The all-new 2018 Honda Clarity’s hybrid drive train will allow it to power its gasoline engine, electric motor or both. It goes without saying that the Clarity Plug-In Hybrid will be able to offer incredible energy efficiency, as well as a significantly improved autonomy and driving performance.

In addition to its energy-efficient skills, the 2018 Clarity is equipped with a great number of state-of-the-art accessories, including Honda Sensing Technologies with collision mitigation braking system, forward collision warning, lane keeping assist and much more. Regarding its look, it’s modern and sophisticated, simply breathtaking!

Would you like to be one of the first to try it out? Stay in touch to know all the details of its arrival in our showroom!

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